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WPD034 Waffle Rubber Pad

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WPD034 Vibration Isolation Pads

457mm x 457mm x 19mm thick

MacLellan Rubber general purpose Waffle Rubber Mounting
Pads are one of a portfolio of solutions for noise and vibration
reduction in applications where bolting needs to be avoided.
The Waffle Pad has a cup design on both sides that creates a
suction effect on the mating surfaces to provide positive grip,
isolating the equipment and stopping movement.
The 2” (50mm) squares are separated by a thin web of
material that is easily cut to size on site.

Available in sheets 18” (457mm) square and thicknesses of
8, 9.5, 12 and 19mm thick, and a range of hardnesses for
optimum isolation.
Maximum load capacity of 150 psi and 20% deflection at
Maximum Load.

Recommended for pumps, chillers, machione shop equipment and electrical transformers.


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