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Rubber - Sheet

We comprehensively provide all commercial grades of rubber sheeting to customers demanding High Performance Polymers. We pride ourselves on providing technical knowledge and a quality rubber compound range to meet our customers exact requirements.

We are fully certified manufactures of high-quality rubber sheeting available in all grades. With 146 years of trading and manufacturing history, MacLellan Rubber have established ourselves as a Leader and Authority in our specialist field of sheet rubber products.

We are nationally known and recognised as having the experience and knowledge required to exceed Industry needs and expectations. Combining our resources and knowledge with our manufacturing partners, we can complete the whole manufacturing process by working directly with convertors or our customers supplier of choice.

We provide more than 2000 Elastomer Formulations, including high specification EPDM, Nitrile, Butyl and Neoprene rubber to British Standard BS2751 and BS2752 - as well as other recognised specification grades.

Neoprene Rubber Sheet - Commercial

Neoprene Rubber Sheet - Soft

Neoprene Rubber Sheet - 1 Ply Insertion

Natural Grade Rubber Sheet - Commercial

Natural Grade Rubber Sheet - Insertion

Shot Blast Rubber - Black

Shotblast Rubber - Tan Natural

Nitrile Rubber - Commercial

EPDM Rubber Sheet - WRC Cloth Marked

Commercial EPDM Rubber - Plate Finish

EPDM Rubber - Soft

Neoprene Rubber Roll - Commercial

Natural Rubber Roll - commercial


We serve for all types of customers from large multinationals and blue chip companies through to hobbyists and homes businesses. No enquiry is too large or small.

Amongst our customer base we have supplied large quantities of rubber stock for use in developments at Heathrow Airport including terminals 4 and 5. We have also supplied material for hobbyists involved in home crafts such as model railways, roleplay costumes and clothing.

Whatever your interest, we are happy to help.





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