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Cable Protectors

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2 Channel Cable Protector.
£ 142.51

Cable Cover 100 x 27 x 4cm.
£ 38.59

£ 111.62

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We offer a range of Cable Protection solutions for office and industrial environments that are quick to install, requiring no disconnection of existing wiring, that ensure you are complying with current safety regulations.

Both our standard PVC Cable Protector and Heavy Duty Cable Protector can be supplied with double sided tape to enable them to be fixed in position, whilst remaining easy to uplift and reposition if required.

The standard PVC Cable Protector is available in Yellow with a Black Cross Hatch for high visibility in pedestrian areas, or in solid Black, Yellow or Grey for other environments. The Cable Protector is split on the underside to enable quick installation over existing cables.

The Heavy Duty Cable Protector is available in Black with a Yellow Cross Hatch for high visibility in high traffic areas or in solid Black. It has a capacity for two 22mm diameter cables or pipes and is suitable for areas where forklift trucks and other vehicles are operating.

We also offer a range of other Cable Protection solutions - information is available from our sales office.

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